1. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 8



    Warm-ups and stretches before their many hours of training.


  3. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 6


  4. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 5

    Just some casual modelling in the middle of the desert?


  5. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 4


  6. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 3

    I think it’s safe to say that we spent nearly 100 hours of our time in these vans. Most of these dancers probably got more sleep in these vans than the hotels. 


  7. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 2


  8. [THE ROYAL INVASION.] // Part 1

    I’ve just arrived back home from an incredible 20 day tour as the photographer for The Royal Family and The Palace Dance Company. I had the privilege of capturing their time in Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA to compete at the World Hip Hop Championships and perform their show ‘Skulls and Crowns’ at multiple sold-out venues. 

    I have a whole lot of images that I’m excited to share with all of you, and I really hope you enjoy them!


  9. {ABANDONED.} // Part 9


  10. {ABANDONED.} // Part 7