1. A Fuji a day // 29

    Jacinta and Blake were amazingly wise enough to bring me to Eat St. It was all I could’ve hoped for in a hipsterlicious night market - and I’m almost certain that the Vietnamese Caramel Pulled-pork Baguette I bought is the best decision I’ve ever made with $5. 


  2. A Fuji a day // 28.2

    Brisbane City. Landmark = Hungry Jacks. 


  3. A Fuji a day // 28.1

    Location scouting success. “BOOM”.


  4. A Fuji a day // 28

    Brisbane chillin’ and location scouting with Leon and Meki.


  5. A Fuji a day // 27.1

    Meet Leon AKA ‘Chingy Fringe’, one of my hosts during my trip in Brisbane. He attempted to mow the jungle in his backyard before I arrived, and failed. But it made for some cool photos, so thank you Chingy.


  6. A Fuji a day // 27

    I just got back from a week in Brisbane and a week of major wifi deprivation. So now it’s time to play catch-up. Side note: Brisbane has some of the most beautiful sunsets.


  7. {EMILY} // Part 3

    We specifically chose to do our shoot during golden hour, and it ended up being not so golden. In the moment I was frustrated, but during post-production those dark clouds certainly grew on me.


  8. {EMILY} // Part 2


  9. A Fuji a day // 26.1

    We got bubble tea, drove to the top of Mt. Eden and jammed out to Pharrell’s new album in the car. My kind of hangout.


  10. A Fuji a day // 26

    I love finding these pots of gold.