1. Hanging up high with Tom and Jasper. 14 flights of stairs ain’t no thang.


  2. Happiness in a cup.


  3. I finally got a chance to ride in Victor’s mega babin’ Morris Minor. It was a vintage dream. 


  4. Introducing Victor to the joy of rooftopping while he showed me the ropes on free-lensing


  5. There was that time Stephen and I hung out and twinned out on a mountain. 

    Stephen is the creator and visionary behind The Worship Project and he’s doing big things in California. I am oh so proud of him.


  6. Abandoned in Downtown LA.


  7. There was that one time I got to live out a dream of mine and visit San Francisco. I can’t wait to travel to this beautiful city again, and hopefully for more than 2 hours.


  8. Santa Monica. What is there to say? An absolute stunner. 


  9. {Chinatown, LA}

    While I was in LA on tour with The Royal Family dance company, my friend Kevin was nice enough to take me around LA. First stop, Chego, a Mexican and Korean fusion eatery in Chinatown. Unbelievably delicious. Thanks Kev.


  10. {LULULEMON // NZFW14}

    About a month ago I was given the opportunity to document Lululemon’s first runway show at New Zealand Fashion Week. They make some dang good clothes and they’re run by some of the nicest people I’ve met.